Bringing profitability & resilience to the IoT world.

We work with brilliant people to develop and deploy IoT strategies and solutions that enhance individual and enterprise profitability and resilience.

Strategies & Solutions

Strategy Market & Business Development

INEX Advisors LLC

Helps innovators in a wide range of markets capitalize on the growth in demand for IoT capabilities and businesses. We serve as a force recon team assisting senior executives and their marketing, business development, sales, partner and product teams.

Solution Piloting with Real-World Enterprises

IoT Impact LABS

Is a field-pilot-based IoT accelerator looking to enhance and accelerate learning about, investing in and value creation from IoT with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) operating in ‘grand challenge’ markets around the world. Visit LABS

Early Stage Investing for IoT Startups

IoT Capital Partners

Participates as an investor and adviser to a number of Early stage companies in a number of IoT markets. We work with some of the most successful individual and corporate venture capital investors in the world. For more information contact Roger Krakoff.

Real-World Results that are Transforming IoT enterpirses.

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